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Many ways to utilize the sun's energy to power your home

Trillions of kWh of solar power from the sun could be harnessed on earth every day, which is far more than the total energy consumption of our whole planet needs. There are many ways to utilize the sun's free energy and stop relying on conventional energy sources that are based on our non-renewable resources such as coal and oil. The economic feasibility of harnessing solar power are nearly endless, because we can use the sun's heat as well as the sun's light. Solar heat energy can be used directly for space heating and to provide residential homes with hot water as well as to generate electric power. Sunlight can be collected and harnessed as solar energy to generate electricity by using Photovoltaic technology.

Application possibilities of solar power at home

Harnessing sun energy can generate enough power to run applications in your house and your garden, to power your car and all other kinds of electric devices. This overview shows the advantages and application possibilities of solar power at home.

Solar Powered Home

Setting up your home with solar power

1) Photovoltaic - generate your own electricity
2) Solar Heating - get your independent space heating
3) Solar Cooking - use the sun's energy for cooking
4) Solar Pond Pumps & Garden Fountains
5) Solar Garden Lamps
6) Solar Outdoor Lighting
7) Solar Car
8) Solar powered Home Equipment, such as calculators,...
9) Solar Home security System

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Many ways to utilize the sun's energy and generate solar power at home