How Thermal Storage Systems work ?

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How do Thermal Storage Systems work ?

How does a thermal storage system work?
Thermal Storage Devices work in a closed circle
4 basic steps:
heat collecting
heat transporting
heat storing
re-cycling the

The entire world is consuming conventional non-renewable energy resources at an alarming rate and the existing reserves or new discoveries cannot keep up with this pace.

The abundance of solar energy is an exciting and innovative alternative to the quite fast diminishing reserves of fossil fuels. This has given a completely new dimension to the research and development activity to find economical ways of utilizing solar power and design of efficient thermal storage systems. The solar energy battery is a simple example that is used in calculators.

Processing of hot water and space heating

Thermal storage systems store energy, usually from active solar collectors or solar heating panels, in an insulated thermal reservoir for later reuse in space heating, processing of hot water, or to generate electricity.

They can be employed to balance energy demand between periods of high consumption and low consumption. One of the common examples is the production of ice, chilled water, or eutectic solution at night, which is then used to cool environments during the day. Most well designed solar systems have storage for a few hours to a day's worth of heat collected. The stored heat can be used at any time within the next hours for solar home heating as well.

Solar energy systems provide heating, cooling and electricity supply

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What are thermal storage systems?