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All about solar pool heating

If you have a swimming pool, you know that keeping it at a comfortable temperature is important. However, it is also important to maintain the temperature of your pool in a cost effective and environmentally efficient manner. A solar pool heater and a solar pool cover can help you hit that sweet spot between cost effectiveness, environmental consideration, and reliable results.

Solar pool heating is very cost effective compared to traditional pool heaters. Pool heaters are well known for adding significant dollars to your monthly electric or gas bills.
With a solar swimming pool heater, you use much less power, as the system is mainly powered by the sun and pulls in supplemental power only if it is needed.

Your solar pool heater may also earn you tax credits or other tax savings. Many areas where pools are common offer these tax credits, since pool pumps are such electricity hogs. Talk to your accountant or city office for details for your area - Arizona, for example, offers up to $1,000 for these kinds of resource usage improvements.

Solar swimming pool heater systems are also environmentally considerate. They do not use fossil fuels, and many systems use the pool as a storage ground for extra heat, ensuring that it stays warm overnight. This allows the heater to run less frequently overall, and provides you with a good swimming experience.

How solar pool covers can prevent heat loss from swimming pools

Solar Pool Heater & Solar Pool Cover

You can further enhance the environmental consideration of your solar pool heating system by using a solar pool cover. These covers serve to keep the sun from doing unwanted things to the pool water, such as overheating it while you are away for the weekend. A solar pool cover used in the evening can also help to keep heat in the pool, so that the solar pool heater does not need to work as hard to maintain your ideal temperature. Naturally, the pool covers also perform their main task, which is protecting the pool from debris, rain, and pollution.

With these cost benefits and environmental issues in mind, it is important to also remember that solar swimming pool heater systems also deliver reliable results. These are not feel-good green products that don't actually get the job done. These are systems that have been repeatedly tested against traditional systems for effectiveness and come out with shining colors.

Looking at all of the facts, you may want to take a second look at your own equipment and decide if solar pool heating is a good option for you in your present situation. While it is an upfront investment, it provides considerable savings over time as well as being reliable and ecologically friendly. Even if you have to sell the house and the pool for any reason, having a solar swimming pool heater and solar pool cover will only enhance the value of the home and the pool in the eyes of potential buyers. Everything taken together builds a strong case for making the switch to solar energy and an eco-friendly power supply.

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All about solar pool heating and how solar pool covers prevent heat loss from swimming pools