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Solar powered Cooling

When you look at your energy bills, heating and cooling expenses are some of the largest line items on your bill. Air-conditioners eat energy at alarming rate, and even though it would be uncomfortable without them in your home, you still think about replacing them with something else. Would you be willing to try solar powered air conditioning instead of the real thing?

It's a question that more and more people are asking themselves as energy bills are climbing even through the rest of the economy is tanking. However, since most people are familiar with solar heating systems, they are less open to the idea of solar-powered cooling. Thus, many are asking if solar powered air conditioning is a great idea or just a highly expensive fad item.

Solar powered Air Conditioning - A great idea or too expensive?

Solar-powered cooling

To begin, many solar air conditioner projects are not solar cooling, but traditional air conditioning units powered by solar panels.
This has prompted many homeowners to question why they should pay for a solar powered air conditioning system when for just a few thousand more they could take their whole home solar. These homeowners strongly feel that the systems are just too expensive on their own.

However, this is somewhat regionally bound. Areas that have a lot of need for air conditioners rather than a short summer time frame are typically more accepting of the costs and principles of solar air conditioner systems.

They typically have a complimentary heat system, and may look at their air conditioner as their number one energy cost. For these homeowners, solar powered air conditioning is a great idea.

Designing green Architecture - Solar passive Cooling

Yet homeowners are not the only ones interested in solar-powered cooling. Businesses are also eager to get in on the act. For years, they have been designing green office buildings, which use passive solar cooling to aid in reducing energy use. However, for large structures this is often not enough, or at least not enough for a properly chilled corporate environment.

Fortunately for both business buyers and homeowners, the constant innovations in the field of solar energy are lowering the cost of solar powered air conditioning units even as the efficiency increases. This provides an incentive to take a second look at solar air conditioner systems.

Working off heat pump technology, the basic solar air conditioner takes in hot air, does a heat exchange, and moves the cooled air into the desired area. The current smallest model provides 6 tons of cooling with just 600 watts of energy. This would be quite sufficient for smaller businesses and homes.

Size of the models is coming down also, making them easier than ever to fit into your life. They can cut significant amounts from the monthly bills, even in tough to cloudy summer months. If you are an individual or a business owner who is serious about getting more green appliances and products into use, then the solar powered air conditioner is really a product you can get behind.

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