Photovoltaic: Advanced Solar Power Technology

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Photovoltaic: Semiconductor-Based Technology

Photovoltaic (PV) has been universally accepted as one of the most promising of all advanced solar power technologies. The word PV is a combination of photo = light and voltaic = electricity.

PV is a semiconductor-based technology.

Solar Cells, a part of Semiconductor-based Technology

It involves the conversion of light energy directly into an electric current that can either be used immediately or stored, such as in a battery, thermal energy storage, compressed air energy storage or flywheel energy storage devices, for later use.

Photovoltaic collectors involve simple a design without moving parts, require negligible maintenance and are environmentally safe. The simplicity of PV operation makes it an excellent choice for solar energy installations.

Photovoltaik Solar Power

PV solar cells are usually made of silicon and utilize the photovoltaic effect. This process of electric current generation involves sunlight-photons that strike the surface of semi-conductor material such as silicon to release electrons from the material's atoms. Silicon properties are enhanced by certain chemical additives, which tend to guide a path for the freed electrons. This results in the generation of electrical current and is the basis of PV solar power technology used in solar energy installations.

PV: Advanced Solar Power Technology

Solar panels are made of silicon crystals

Solar panels made of silicon crystals, also known as inorganic solar cells, have been the most commonly used collectors to harness solar power. PV modules have been used successfully as a power source for homes, hybrid solar cars and even satellites. One of the major drawbacks of PV solar panels is the manufacturing cost. The fabrication of silicon cells is an expensive process that requires precise conditions of high temperature and very low pressure.

Photovoltaic will pave the way for clean solar energy systems

The latest research and development in this field is geared towards creating an optimized organic solar cell that can be constructed utilizing natural materials.

The major difference being that organic PV solar cell manufacturing requires simple processing which is cost effective. These solar panels are lightweight and more versatile to capture a wider range of the sun's radiation resulting in higher efficiencies. With the on-going research in this field, organic cell technology will pave the way for solar power technology that is deemed to be economically feasible for all energy requirements.

Photovoltaic Collectors for residential Solar Systems

PV collectors are being used in many applications

In spite of the high cost associated with PV collectors, they are being used in many applications that are cost-effective and practical today. Some of these are traffic control systems, irrigation systems for crops and radio relay stations. PV solar energy installations are also providing electricity to remote areas, medical centers and isolated sites where the cost of Photovoltaic systems is less than the cost of conventional utility power supply or producing diesel-generated electricity.

PV for home and garden decives

PV panels are also being used on the rooftops to provide supplemental energy for houses in warm climates. Such residential PV solar systems have the potential to be connected to the utility grid as well as the home. Eventually, the system can be designed to pass on the unused solar power to the grid for credit during sunny periods, and draw power from the utility at night or on as and when needed basis. Such grid-interactive residential power systems are already being considered by the U.S. government, which will qualify for federal grants.

But there are cheap solar energy solutions available as well: Fully illustrated manuals and easy to follow videos provide you with the alternative to make your own solar power by building your own solar panels.

With further research and development as well as availability of government subsidies, PV solar power technology will play a big role in our energy future and application possibilities of a solar powered home will be unlimited.

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Photovoltaic powers your Home with semiconductor-based Solar Technology