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Abc : An Alphabet of technical Terms around Energy from the Sun

This alphabetic Solar Power Guide provides of an overview of solar technology and several technical terms including a basic explanation and links to articles about more specific solar power information on this website.


active solar energy - are using mechanical solar collecting devices, pumps or fans to distribute heat from > solar collectors involving a fluid for heat transportation


boron - chemical element to dope the > P-Type part of a solar cell to take more electrons away from the silicon mix for better generation of an electric field


contra solar energy - a big Disadvantage of Solar Energy is still the need of large areas to harness solar energy on a big scale


do it yourself solar power - the easiest way for diy is generating > passive solar energy for home heating, solar hot water heating or Building your own Solar Cooker


electric current in solar panels - a > photon hits the panel with the sunlight causing electrons from silicon atoms to be displaced and generate an electric current


generator - generates solar power to be stored in batteries, to be used to run your appliances and lights or to be sold to the local electrical utility


heat energy - can be used directly by using > passive solar energy technology or indirectly by > active solar energy systems


inorganic solar cells - are high cost Solar Cells made from silicon and are manufactured under precisely controlled conditions of high vacuum and high temperatures


kw - kilo watt


module - > solar module, > solar panel


N-Type - parts of > silicon power cells doped with phosphorus to add electrons to the silicon which increases opposed to > P-Type elements the generation of solar power


organic solar cells - lightweight, flexible, and less expensive solar cells made of organic materials that occur naturally like hydrogen and carbon, that are more eco-friendly than > inorganic solar cells


passive solar energy - uses no mechanical devices to collect and exploit sunlight for lighting, heating, or cooling with Solar Heating Systems

photon - an element of the sun's light, initiating the process of > solar power generation

Photovoltaic - solar technology based on semiconductors, which allow > photons to displace electrons to generate an electric current

P-Type - with boron doped parts of a > silicon cell to take electrons away, causing to initiate an electric field together with > N-Type elements

PV - > Photovoltaic, Photovoltaic: Advanced Solar Power Technology


residential solar power - generating own > solar panels and Setting up your Home with Solar Power


silicon - main material to produce > inorganic solar cells for solar panels

solar power cell - manufactured from silicon and integrated into a > solar module to transform sunlight into electricity by a Solar Power Generator

solar module, solar panel - installed on roofs or as standalone to collect solar light and heat, to generate solar power and solar heat

solar collector - device to collect sunlight and the sun's heat to generate your own electricity with Solar Power Panels and home heating with Solar Heating Panels


thermal storage system - uses solar heat for generating solar home heating and solar hot water heating with active Thermal Storage Systems


zero carbon house - a passive house using efficient heat insulation, > passive solar energy, water saving installations, and autonomic clean energy recycling resources

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Alphabetic Solar Power Guide with Explanations of Solar Technology Terms